Do you want to meditate, or learn how to meditate?

DeKalb's Jhana Vihara provides a home for new and experienced meditators. Come and join us!


We meditate using traditional methods taught by the Buddha: Breath and Metta meditation

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215a N. Fourth Street DeKalb (next to NIU Art Gallery) . We are located in downtown DeKalb, very close to NIU's Campus


This is a friendly collaboration. Our sitting groups are facilitated by a trained Theravada meditator; in the future including some visiting monks and nuns

A welcoming home for samatha and vipassana meditation

The Buddha taught a Meditation practice that is unique and highly effective. "Here, bhikkhus, are trees. Here are empty abodes. Meditate bhikkhus! Don’t be negligent lest you feel regret later. This is our directive to you! "

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Jhana Vihara’s meditation room

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The meditation room of Jhana Vihara is now ready!

Aug 23,2015one comments